During the sleep consulting process, a Certified Child Sleep Consultant will be helping you reach your family's sleep goals. Child Sleep Consultants gather as much information as possible about your case, create a custom sleep plan for your child, and provide ongoing guidance and support as the plan is implemented. Sleep Consultants do not physically do the over night work. Instead, our job is to teach you as a parent or caregiver the skills and techniques necessary for helping your child reach his or her healthy sleep potential.


Our Mission

Here at Sleep Once More our mission is simple: treat each case on an individual basis to help children form healthy sleep habits. We firmly believe that the most critical part of this process is gaining detailed information about your family's particular situation. In addition to your child's sleep history, we will also take into consideration your parenting style, living and work situations, cultural beliefs, and how sleep deprivation is affecting all members of your family. Sleep Once More strives to be the answer to pediatric sleep problems.

There was never a child so lovely, but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

the sleep consulting process

  • We will have a free 15 minutes phone call to learn about your child's sleep problems and our options for moving forward with consulting
  • You will select and purchase the Sleep Consulting Package that best suits your family's needs.
  • You will receive a detailed intake form to fill out about your child's sleep history and what you hope to achieve during this process.
  • Once the intake form has been submitted, we will schedule a one hour phone or in-home consultation.
  • During the consultation, your Certified Sleep Consultant will ask any further questions and give you options of different ways to resolve the issues.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive your child's custom sleep plan. Your plan will include an explanation of the current issues, a list of areas that need to be worked on, and a very detailed step by step set of instructions to change your child's sleep habits.
  • As you begin to implement the sleep plan at home, your Sleep Consultant will maintain open communication with you to provide support, encouragement, and answer any questions.
  • At the end of our working time together, you will be provided with a packet to help you stay on the right track to reaching your family's sleep goals.